Summer HIIT Workout

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The weather has been amazing this week, which gave me the perfect opportunity to film my summer HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout.

Here’s what went down!


Main Component:

Pause Burpee Squats

This is one of my favourite compound movements for working the full body. Starting in a squat position, bring your hands down to the floor, jump into a plank position then jump back to a squat. Don’t stand up fully. Repeat as many reps as you can for 30 seconds, rest for 20 seconds then move straight on to move 2!


High Knee Sprints

This one is pretty self explanatory. High knee sprints, 30 seconds work, 20 seconds rest then move on to move 3!


Push-Up Frog Jumps

Just as shown above, start this one off with one push up, at the top of your push up jump the feet in twice then return to the push up position. Repeat as many times as you can in 30 seconds, rest for 20 seconds then go back to move 1!

Repeat the above circuit 6 times then move on to core exercises!



Bicycle Crunches

Lying flat on your back lift your legs to roughly 45 degrees, bend one knee towards your chest as you lift the opposite elbow towards it. Switch and repeat for 40 seconds!!



I definitely don’t recommend a concrete floor for these ones! Normal crunches 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest.


Side Crunches

Changing the focus over to the obliques, lift the shoulders off the ground, extend the arms and move side to side touching one heel at a time. 40 seconds work then repeat the circuit!

Repeat the core circuit 3 times, stretch off your muscles then grab some food and recover!

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