25 Facts About Me!

After speaking to a few of you guys on Instagram and Twitter, you asked if I could do a ’20 facts about me’ post so you could get to know me a bit better… So here ya go (I even added an extra 5 facts) enjoy!

1. My name is Fiona (incase you didn’t know)

2. I am 19 years old, 5ft2 and a size 4 shoe

3. I have the biggest appetite of anyone you will ever meet in your life. Fact.

4. My favourite time of year is Christmas (I LOVEEE the build up)

5. I have never broken a bone

6. I’m a fully qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor

7. I have a secret love for Saturday night TV

8. I am the WORST at texting people back

9. I don’t like spicy food

10. I don’t like spiders

11. Smoking and drugs are my biggest turnoffs

12. I can’t dance, but i always do

13. Before i left school i wanted to be a graphic designer

14. I do not like coffee but love the smell

15. I love being creative

16. I could eat cereal for every meal. It is my faaaaav

17. I love animals

18. I laugh a lot

19. I am a massive family person

20. I cannot fall asleep at night without putting my tv on a timer so it goes off once i’m sleeping


22. I love scary films

23. Stairs make me nervous.

24. My biggest fear is being buried alive

25. I really want to visit Australia


This is definitely more of an easy read compared to my post a couple of weeks ago. Let me know what you want to see, tag me on Insta and Twitter 🙂

Fiona x

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