Note To Self

Nobody knows you like you know yourself. We all have goals and aspirations, we all have obsessions and realisations of limitations to who we can become. 

We have two versions of ourselves. We have an external – The way others see you, the information you choose to share and allow people to judge. And we have an internal – Your thought process, the data only you can see. The things only you can control.

I work in a job where self evaluation is important. Every single day i help individuals change their lives for the better. People come to me looking to change, so thats what i help them do. The biggest challenge to make a change is not the way you act but the way you think. We all want to be a better version of ourselves, there is room for improvement in everybody.

Call it a clichè, but my biggest ‘Bucket List’ goal is to reach the end of my life with no regrets for decisions or actions i took along the way. I do not want to look back and evaluate my life as negative or wish that i made changes while i had the chance.

Sometimes you have to stop and think about your actions before you let them affect your future.

So, ask yourself;


Will you regret not spending time with those you love when they are no longer there for you to love them?

Time is not eternal, life doesn’t last forever, spend time with those who mean something to you while you still have the chance.


Will you regret the way you took care of your body while you were young, healthy and able?

Your health is the most important part of your existence. Never take it for granted or before you know it, you will be beyond the point of repair.


Will you wish you listened to advice?

Your friends, family, loved ones give advice for a reason. Listen to what they say, they are only trying to help.


Will you wish you spent less time online and more time on life?

You hear it everyday. “Kids these day spend to much time online” It’s true. Go outside, take it all in, appreciate your surroundings.


Will you wish you didn’t settle for your current career? 

If you don’t love it now, you’re not going to love it in 20 years time. Move on, go back to studying, make sure you get to where you want to be.


Will you wish you studied harder?

For the younger generation,  if your plan is to go to college, university or straight into a job then make sure you get those grades. If you don’t use them that’s fine, but you’re better to have too many qualifications rather than not enough.


Will you still feel good about the way you treated those around you?

Everybody deserves to be respected. Regardless of race, gender or religion nobody should ever feel like they do not belong. Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated yourself.


Will you be happy?

The most important of them all. Will what you do today give you a better tomorrow? If not, then change. It’s never too late, there is never an excuse. Self care is not selfish.


I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, life is too short. Do not let bad decisions today affect important factors in your future. 

Look after yourself, enjoy the journey and appreciate every second as if it was your last.


Fiona x

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