My Favourite Christmas Movies!

The time has come! Despite the fact i’ve been excited about Christmas since September, the time has finally come where everyone else is starting to get in to the spirit too. So here are 5 of my favourite Christmas movies i think you should watch this year! (i have many, many more but we’ll stick to 5 for now)


1. How The Grinch Stole Christmas! 

This is by far, 100% my all time favourite. It is so light hearted and easy to watch. In the unlikely event you haven’t seen this one, please give it a go this year.


2. Elf 

I mean, who hasn’t seen Elf? Call me a trend follower, it is everybody’s favourite, and also one of mine. He is just so funny.


3. Nativity

This is one i had never seen until recently. My sister and I watched it during the week and again, it is just so light-hearted and fun. We didn’t stop laughing throughout the full film and it is definitely my most recent fav.


4. The Polar Express

This is one i struggle to get my head around. It amazes me how real the characters look! Up until a couple of years ago i thought they were real actors! This is a super cute family film.


5. Love Actually

This one speaks for itself. The humble storyline and romantic comedy gets a tear going every time. This was always a favourite for my full family and has become a kind of ‘unwritten’ tradition to watch every year.


I could go on and on and on about Christmas movies for hours so we’ll stop here before i list every movie on Earth. As much as i love them i’m sure there is plenty i’ve never stumbled upon or heard of, so let know in the comments below if i haven’t listed your favourite and i will be SURE to give it a watch this year! 

Have a great week.

Fiona X


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