March Favourites

We may only be half way through March. However, I have so many different things I’m loving this month that i wanted to share a ‘monthly favourites’ now! So here ya go…


1. Bondi Rescue

My absolute guilty pleasure. I’m surprised I haven’t developed an Australian accent with how often I’ve had this on the TV! I am a qualified lifeguard, and this was my full time job for a while. But… Anyone who works on a poolside, guarding a 25m pool has a cheek to call themselves a lifeguard compared to what these guys have to deal with. I love the tension in this show and would love to experience what a day in the life of a Bondi lifeguard would be like.


2. Lindt- Lindor Eggs

These. They are everywhere. Lindt is my favourite chocolate and these eggs that they bring out for Easter are the best chocolates invented. Ever. The temptation is just way too much to resist, I pick up at least 2 every time I run into a shop. (help me).


3. Calisthenics

An unusual favourite. As a personal trainer i’m always looking for new ways of training and experimenting with exercises. I’ve spent a lot of time this month studying calisthenics, a form of exercise which solely focuses on bodyweight and I just cant get enough of it! 


4. In The Style

I discovered this website from Love Islands Olivia Attwood’s Instagram. I love the style of their clothes and can’t wait to do a big holiday order for Mexico!! 


A slightly different favourites this month, staying away from products and looking more at genuine interests (chocolate never counts) Since we’re only half way through March we’ll stick to these 4 for now. Let me know what your fav things are so far this month 🙂


Fiona x

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