Walked All Over

It can take the smallest of things to trigger an idea for a blog post. I’m not one for posting these ‘spur of the moment’ ideas. I usually keep them to myself, write out all my thoughts and feelings, then delete them when the moment is gone. But this one has got me thinking. So many people get the same reflex feelings and i’m sure they would love to know that they’re not the only ones. 


This blog’s purpose is to support people, encourage positivity and to stress the point that you’re never facing anything alone. Sometimes it’s nice to talk about the feelings that eat away inside us, so todays topic is ‘being taken advantage of.’


It’s currently 23:54 on a Tuesday night and the emotions are running high! Haha, all joking aside… I’m sure i can’t be the only person who is sick of being taken advantage of, screwed over or messed around. 


I can be quite naive. I don’t see things coming, develop trust and understanding, then get ran over like a bloody truck and it’s too late to do anything about it.


Confrontation is direful. I avoid it at all costs. Retaliation isn’t in my nature, I would rather sit quietly until everything passes over and i’m left being ‘the mug’ who lets “friends” walk all over the top of me. Time and time again i just walk away believing i’m being the better person when really i’m allowing the trampled on part of me to be left feeling devalued.


Maybe i’m being over dramatic.

Maybe i’m not.


Maybe i’ll post this,

Or maybe i wont.


Away with being selfish, goodbye to all the blame, only treat those well, who will treat you just the same. 


Love you all,

Fiona x

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  1. I know how you feel Fiona I am the same but recently I did something nice and the level of gratitude I received practically erased all the memories of the times when people were just horrid. Sometimes when you are a nice person people just assume that they could treat you however they please because they know you would never do anything about it. Be weary of that you deserve better.

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