6 Ways to Motivate Your Gym Sessions

The gym… You either love it or hate. Some of us sit at our desks all day, dreading the thought of heading to 6pm Zumba, thinking up another ‘believable’ excuse to tell your friend why you can no longer go. Dammit, stuck at the office again!

Meanwhile some lucky ones are so excited about getting that workout in, they count down every second until they can hop aboard the gain train!

Regardless of how you feel in general about hitting the gym, we all have days that are worse than others. Always remember, you NEED a rest day at least once a week. As long at that rest day doesn’t turn into a rest year… If you know what i’m saying.

Motivating yourself to go to the gym is a difficult one, but here are some ways that can help.


Decide your goals, and set a timescale (stay realistic)

Okay, so you want to lose a stone and you want to lose it before your holiday in 10 weeks time. This is a pound and a half to lose each week, which is definitely realistic. Once you know your goal is achievable, write a plan. Decide which days you’re going to go to the gym, or attend classes, write up a meal plan and you’re good to go. Continue to tell yourself ‘it’s only 10 weeks’. Having that timescale gives you a sense of security, knowing it will be worth it when the time comes. 


Food prep

Probably one of the biggest and most under appreciated. Bulk cook all your meals a few days in advance. When you know exactly what you’re next meal is and that all you have to do is pop it in the microwave for a minute, you’re very unlikely to fall off plan. Having all your meals pre prepared in Tupperware’s is the most convenient thing. 


Train in the Morning

Training in the morning offers so much physical and mental gratification. You may not feel it at the time, but hitting the gym releases those endorphins, giving your body energy and setting you up for a productive day. An early morning session will boost your metabolism before you’ve even had a proper meal, meaning you’ll be burning calories all day without even realising. Also, getting up that hour earlier and getting it done takes away the stress of dreading your session all day. You can go straight home after work and enjoy relaxing.


Get a personal trainer or online coach

If you lack knowledge in the gym, don’t really know where to begin or are just completely unsure of what you actually want to achieve then why not book up a few sessions with someone who specialises in gym knowledge. Personal trainers are there for a reason, they’re not going to judge you or make you feel bad, we are literally the complete opposite. We take pride in helping people better themselves. It’s a job we studied hard to get and we love to share our passion for training. If you have a basic knowledge of the gym and don’t need someone to physically walk you through each session then why not sign up for an online programme?


Get a training buddy

A friend, a work colleague, someone you don’t mind spending time with. As long as their training schedule suits yours, having someone to train with will motivate you in ways you don’t realise. You won’t want to let them down, so you’re less likely to skip a session. You’ll have more confidence knowing you’re not alone and you’ll find your competitive side challenging you not to quit before them.


Find your inspiration

The most important one of all… Find something to inspire you. Wether it’s an instagram model, or a 90 year old body builder. Everyone has an inspirational figure in their life, and you should use them to your advantage. Let people inspire you, it’s a humans biggest motivator. 


Find your motivation, and never give up on yourself ♥

Fiona x


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