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6 Ways to Motivate Your Gym Sessions

The gym… You either love it or hate. Some of us sit at our desks all day, dreading the thought of heading to 6pm Zumba, thinking up another ‘believable’ excuse to tell your friend why you can no longer go. Dammit, stuck at the office again!

Meanwhile some lucky ones are so excited about getting that workout in, they count down every second until they can hop aboard the gain train!

Regardless of how you feel in general about hitting the gym, we all have days that are worse than others. Always remember, you NEED a rest day at least once a week. As long at that rest day doesn’t turn into a rest year… If you know what i’m saying.

Motivating yourself to go to the gym is a difficult one, but here are some ways that can help.


Decide your goals, and set a timescale (stay realistic)

Okay, so you want to lose a stone and you want to lose it before your holiday in 10 weeks time. This is a pound and a half to lose each week, which is definitely realistic. Once you know your goal is achievable, write a plan. Decide which days you’re going to go to the gym, or attend classes, write up a meal plan and you’re good to go. Continue to tell yourself ‘it’s only 10 weeks’. Having that timescale gives you a sense of security, knowing it will be worth it when the time comes. 


Food prep

Probably one of the biggest and most under appreciated. Bulk cook all your meals a few days in advance. When you know exactly what you’re next meal is and that all you have to do is pop it in the microwave for a minute, you’re very unlikely to fall off plan. Having all your meals pre prepared in Tupperware’s is the most convenient thing. 


Train in the Morning

Training in the morning offers so much physical and mental gratification. You may not feel it at the time, but hitting the gym releases those endorphins, giving your body energy and setting you up for a productive day. An early morning session will boost your metabolism before you’ve even had a proper meal, meaning you’ll be burning calories all day without even realising. Also, getting up that hour earlier and getting it done takes away the stress of dreading your session all day. You can go straight home after work and enjoy relaxing.


Get a personal trainer or online coach

If you lack knowledge in the gym, don’t really know where to begin or are just completely unsure of what you actually want to achieve then why not book up a few sessions with someone who specialises in gym knowledge. Personal trainers are there for a reason, they’re not going to judge you or make you feel bad, we are literally the complete opposite. We take pride in helping people better themselves. It’s a job we studied hard to get and we love to share our passion for training. If you have a basic knowledge of the gym and don’t need someone to physically walk you through each session then why not sign up for an online programme?


Get a training buddy

A friend, a work colleague, someone you don’t mind spending time with. As long as their training schedule suits yours, having someone to train with will motivate you in ways you don’t realise. You won’t want to let them down, so you’re less likely to skip a session. You’ll have more confidence knowing you’re not alone and you’ll find your competitive side challenging you not to quit before them.


Find your inspiration

The most important one of all… Find something to inspire you. Wether it’s an instagram model, or a 90 year old body builder. Everyone has an inspirational figure in their life, and you should use them to your advantage. Let people inspire you, it’s a humans biggest motivator. 


Find your motivation, and never give up on yourself ♥

Fiona x


email for any training enquiries

10 Minute Meal Prep:Peri-Peri Chicken and Sweet Potato

As a lover of food and fitness, I’m always looking for quick and healthy recipes to fuel my workouts and long days. Most days I don’t get home from work until around 9pm, so the last thing i want to be doing is slaving over the cooker and not eating until after 10pm. It is this exact issue that causes so many people to then make the wrong choices and reach for convenience foods. I understand, I am the biggest culprit myself,  who doesn’t love a bowl of cereal (or 4) for dinner?

This is why we prep. You see it all the time in the fitness industry and it is by far one of the most successful ways to stay on plan, eat right, feel good and save money. 

My most recent fav is my peri peri chicken and sweet potato 10 minute dinner.



All you need is:

  • 2 Large Sweet Potatoes
  • 400g Uncooked Chicken
  • 3 Mixed Peppers
  • 200g Broccoli
  • 1tbsp Nandos Peri-Peri Salt
  • 1tsp Coconut oil



  • Chop up the sweet potatoes, place in a microwavable bowl of boiling water and microwave on full power for approx 8 minutes. 
  • Meanwhile slice your chicken into thin strips and lightly coat in peri peri salt, chop your peppers and broccoli. Place 1tsp of coconut oil in a pan and fry the chicken and veg until fully cooked.
  • Remove the sweet potatoes from the microwave, drain and add them to your chicken and veg. Mix everything together.
  • Serve even amounts into 2 tupperwares and you have 2 days dinner sorted already (or tonights dinner and tomorrows lunch). All you have to do is pop it in the microwave for 1 minute and dinner is served! No mess, no effort. 


Alternatively, you can increase the quantity of each ingredient, make more and freeze the extra meals until you’re ready to eat them. 


For those counting macros or calories, here is the breakdown for one portion:

  • Carbs: 48g
  • Protein: 52g
  • Fat: 2.8g
  • Calories: 440kcal


Give this one a go, it is definitely a current favourite of mine.



Fiona x

March Favourites

We may only be half way through March. However, I have so many different things I’m loving this month that i wanted to share a ‘monthly favourites’ now! So here ya go…


1. Bondi Rescue

My absolute guilty pleasure. I’m surprised I haven’t developed an Australian accent with how often I’ve had this on the TV! I am a qualified lifeguard, and this was my full time job for a while. But… Anyone who works on a poolside, guarding a 25m pool has a cheek to call themselves a lifeguard compared to what these guys have to deal with. I love the tension in this show and would love to experience what a day in the life of a Bondi lifeguard would be like.


2. Lindt- Lindor Eggs

These. They are everywhere. Lindt is my favourite chocolate and these eggs that they bring out for Easter are the best chocolates invented. Ever. The temptation is just way too much to resist, I pick up at least 2 every time I run into a shop. (help me).


3. Calisthenics

An unusual favourite. As a personal trainer i’m always looking for new ways of training and experimenting with exercises. I’ve spent a lot of time this month studying calisthenics, a form of exercise which solely focuses on bodyweight and I just cant get enough of it! 


4. In The Style

I discovered this website from Love Islands Olivia Attwood’s Instagram. I love the style of their clothes and can’t wait to do a big holiday order for Mexico!! 


A slightly different favourites this month, staying away from products and looking more at genuine interests (chocolate never counts) Since we’re only half way through March we’ll stick to these 4 for now. Let me know what your fav things are so far this month 🙂


Fiona x

With a New Year comes new challenges, new adventures and a whole load of new possibilities. The best thing about getting this fresh start is that everybody is in the same mind set at the same time, it’s easier to achieve your goals when everyone is on the same page. January is a time to accept a new beginning and move on from whatever was dragging you down before. New Years Resolutions are a great thing to encourage you to become a happier you.

Here are 6 resolutions that I think everyone should give a shot!


1- Try Something New Every Day

Simple, yet effective. Setting yourself the challenge to do something you’ve never done or eat something you’ve never tasted will open you’re mind to so many possibilities. You will feel pride and accomplishment in yourself when you find new things you love.


2- Save

Buy a box that you can put money in, but cant take back out. Every day put £2 that you would usually spend on unnecessary snacks in there. By the end of the year, you’ll have £730 saved in there. Christmas bonus!


3- Go Your Own Way

It’s easy to get caught up following others lifestyles, doing things that don’t make you happy just to keep others smiling. Sometimes it’s okay to speak up and say what you would rather do. If nobody wants to listen, the go do it yourself.


4- Smile

That is all. Smile, it’s contagious.


5- Do a ‘Dryathalon’

You heard me. Choose a month and for that entire month… NO alcohol! Your body will thank you.


6- Look After You

Self care is not selfish. It’s one of the most important factors in life. If you don’t know how to look after yourself, you’re never going to be able to look after others.


Comment your resolutions below!

All the best for 2018,

Fiona x

My Favourite Christmas Songs | Blogmas | FionaMeikle

It is officially acceptable to listen to Christmas music, despite the fact i have been since September! Haha, you’ve been asking if i can write a post on my fav Christmas songs, so here you go! 🙂


1. Baby It’s Cold Outside- Dean Martin

As much as i love the original version, i also love Michael Buble and Idina Menzels cover. I acted out a play to this song in drama when i was at school, it brings back some great memories and definitely gets me in the Christmas spirit.


2. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree- Brenda Lee

It’s super fun and uplifting and who doesn’t whip out their best moves to this one. Haha!


3. Fairytale of New York- The Pogues

It’s not Christmas until you’ve heard The Pogues. This has always been one of my favourites and i’m sure it always will be.


4. Do They Know It’s Christmas-Band Aid

I love this one purely for the charitable meaning behind it. So much money is raised for charity from this song every year. It’s amazing.


5. Christmas Wrapping- The Waitresses

The classic, and my ultimate favourite. I know every single word to this song and could probably recite it backwards i’ve listened to it so many times! 


Let me know your favourites down below!

Merry 4th of December!


Fiona X

Asos Christmas Wishlist | Blogmas | FionaMeikle

We all love an Asos haul don’t we! I took a good look through their website last night and made a wishlist of a few of my favourite items. All these things are great for either treating yourself this Christmas or wrapping up to give to your friends for the holidays! 


Item 1: Christmas Piggy Jumper

I often refer to myself as a “pig in blanket” over the season because of my undesirable need to eat every single food i see. So this jumper is perfect for me! £16


Item 2: Christmas Romper

This is different, but i like it. A cute little pyjama romper. £35


Item 3: Reindeer Garland 


For pinning up on your wall this season, i like this because it doesn’t just have to be for Christmas. Leave it up all year round! £23


Item 4: Leggings and Top Combo

This leggings and top combo, it’s different but cute! For someone (like me) who lives in leggings, this is perfect. £18


Item 5: Rose Gold Coasters

Rose Gold is the new Silver. These will look great in your home this winter. £15


What is your favourite item on the list? Leave a comment and let me know!

Happy Holidays,


Fiona X


Vlogmas Day 2:

Christmas Hot Chocolate | Blogmas | FionaMeikle

I am a hot choco-holic. There’s no hiding it, and at this time of year it is acceptable to embrace it. One of my most recent addictions is ‘all things salted caramel’ I. LOVE. IT. So combine the two and we get the creamiest, sweetest, salted caramel hot chocolate!




  • 2 cups milk chocolate chips
  • 1/4 cup carnations caramel
  • 4 cups milk
  • 1 1/2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/2tsp finely grinded sea salt


1. Melt the chocolate chips slowly in a large pyrex bowl above a pot of boiling water. Once smooth add in the caramel, cream, vanilla and milk. Stir continuously for approx 15 minutes (until all the ingredients are mixed together and the mixture is smooth) Continue to heat through to your desired temperature.

2. Pour the mixture in your festive mug, stir in the salt and top with whipped cream and caramel sauce!


Fiona x

Vlogmas Day 1: 

Christmas Advent | Blogmas | FionaMeikle

First of all, happy December and welcome to Blogmas day one!

Incase you haven’t guessed by the title, today’s post is all about the 24 days of advent. I have written down 24 different things that you should do this December. They don’t have to be in order, but the more of these you complete, the better you will feel about yourself. Finish off the year by being the best version of you, this will set you up for a great start for 2018.


Day 1. Contact an old friend

Day 2. Visit a Christmas market

Day 3. Visit family

Day 4. Have a clear out, donate old clothes to charity

Day 5. Make your own decorations

Day 6. Go for lunch at your local hospice

Day 7. See some Christmas lights

Day 8. Make a homemade gift

Day 9. Watch a Christmas movie

Day 10. Wear a Christmas jumper

Day 11. See a pantomime 

Day 12. Decorate your home

Day 13. Arrange a secret Santa

Day 14. Bake cookies

Day 15. Have a dinner party with friends

Day 16. Forgive and forget

Day 17. Show gratitude

Day 18. Play a board game

Day 19. Take a break – We all need at least one day off

Day 20. Talk to somebody new

Day 21. Write your New Years resolutions

Day 22. Show compassion

Day 23. Do that last minute wrapping

Day 24. Appreciate every single moment and everything you have, not everybody is as fortunate as you are


It’s day one, better get started now!

Merry Christmas,

Fiona x

What’s New?

As someone who is fairly new to the world of blogging, i cannot express how much of a stress reliever sitting down and writing a new post is for me. After starting my YouTube channel a few weeks ago i have discovered that filming videos works the same way for me. 

Anybody who knows me will know how massive a fan of Christmas i am! So, putting the 3 together, Starting from the 1st of December until the 24th of December i will be doing both Vlogmas AND Blogmas. 

Every day i will post a new blog post and i would love for you guys to let me know what you want to see. Additionally, either every 3 days or once each week (let me know what you would prefer) i will post a vlog of everything i’ve been up to over those days.

I can’t wait to start on this little project and see where it takes me.

Please let me know in the comments what you want to see on my blog, and what you want me to get up to in my videos!

Subscribe to my Youtube HERE

I’m always looking to improve my content and make my blog the best it can be, help me out by telling me what you like and don’t like about my posts. I’m open to all ideas and perceptions! 

Have a great day,

Fiona x