25 Facts About Me!

After speaking to a few of you guys on Instagram and Twitter, you asked if I could do a ’20 facts about me’ post so you could get to know me a bit better… So here ya go (I even added an extra 5 facts) enjoy!

1. My name is Fiona (incase you didn’t know)

2. I am 19 years old, 5ft2 and a size 4 shoe

3. I have the biggest appetite of anyone you will ever meet in your life. Fact.

4. My favourite time of year is Christmas (I LOVEEE the build up)

5. I have never broken a bone

6. I’m a fully qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor

7. I have a secret love for Saturday night TV

8. I am the WORST at texting people back

9. I don’t like spicy food

10. I don’t like spiders

11. Smoking and drugs are my biggest turnoffs

12. I can’t dance, but i always do

13. Before i left school i wanted to be a graphic designer

14. I do not like coffee but love the smell

15. I love being creative

16. I could eat cereal for every meal. It is my faaaaav

17. I love animals

18. I laugh a lot

19. I am a massive family person

20. I cannot fall asleep at night without putting my tv on a timer so it goes off once i’m sleeping


22. I love scary films

23. Stairs make me nervous.

24. My biggest fear is being buried alive

25. I really want to visit Australia


This is definitely more of an easy read compared to my post a couple of weeks ago. Let me know what you want to see, tag me on Insta and Twitter 🙂

Fiona x

Life Has it’s Way of Surprising us

Life has it’s way of surprising us. Personally, i was hit with a few surprises at once. It was like a continuous slap on the face but, i took everything as a wake up call.

Life is too short. Live it before it ends.

Please keep reading until the very end.


So you’ve probably already noticed my vague title. 

Let me tell you a story. 

The development of type 1  is strange- It has such a subtle encroachment that you barely even notice anything changing. Each symptom is brushed off and simply absorbed into your lifestyle until everything becomes normality.

I was 13 and trudging my way through high school. I’m decent at hiding away my emotions and keeping things to myself, so my initial symptom was not the biggest nor most noticeable of problems. We all know teenagers are moody, so my erratic notions to dropkick anyone who accidentally nudged me in the corridor were normal teenager feelings… Yes? Just like the rest of my classmates I stayed up late, resulting in around 4-5 hours of sleep every night. So falling asleep in maths class was standard for everybody, not just me (although i seemed to do it a lot more than others). Lack of sleep would also account for my need to stop for a breath half way up a small flight of stairs and would explain why i could hardly focus on an episode of The Simpsons for more than 5 minutes.

The thirst… THE THIRST! This is what did it for me. I had always taken one bottle of water to school with me. This would usually do me for the day and i would most likely go home with the bottle still half full. Gradually, one bottle turned into two, two bottles turned in to three, three turned into four and four turned into five PLUS a phone call to my dad around midday asking him to bring me some more as i’ve already finished what i had. I couldn’t leave a shop without paying for an empty multipack of water because i had already drank them all before reaching the checkout. The feeling was so overwhelming i don’t even know to explain. As i had water flowing down my throat, I still felt thirsty. 

Naturally concerned, my parents made an appointment with the doctor. The outcome… “Take her home, she’ll grow out of it”… She’ll grow out of what? Dehydration? Stunned at the doctors lack of care, my dad put up a fight and insisted something was done. So tests were carried out, blood was taken and away home i went.

Days later, I’m home alone and the phone rings. A concerned voice doesn’t let me finish my ‘hello’ before asking me how soon i can get to the hospital. 

“Is there somebody who can drive you or will i send an ambulance?”

Possibly the most terrifying sentence my young mind had ever heard. I had no idea what was wrong with me but i promptly knew it must be serious. I was frantically calling my mum and dad. My mum drove home and we made our way to the hospital. She was there for me, i could sense her fear but i knew as long as she was with me, everything would be ok. The silence in the car was anything but tranquil, you could just about see our anxious thoughts.

So i got my diagnosis. Type 1 diabetic? i was so confused.

How can i be diabetic when i’m a fit and healthy 13 year old? Nurses began to explain the often confused meaning behind diabetes. There is two different types;

Type 1- Insulin dependent diabetes, is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin. It is treatable however, it is unpreventable and currently incurable. 

Type 2- Most often caused by lifestyle, most frequently found with obesity or in the elderly.

So keep in mind, i am type 1 diabetic, not type 2 and I could not have changed anything about my life to prevent the disease from happening.

Imagine being young, living in constant fear of losing control of your own body. Having to draw blood from your finger tips 8 times a day and inject insulin into your bloodstream minimum 4 times Every. Single. Day. For the rest of your life. Knowing that by the time you’re 20 you could be blind, you could have limbs amputated or kidney failure.

Imagine being too scared to participate in any form of sport, incase you end up in an unconscious heap on the floor. Growing older, missing nights out or feeling too lethargic to even lift yourself out of bed. What about being scared to fall asleep, because there’s a chance you may not wake up.

I was 13 years old and scared to fall asleep. 

That is diabetes. Not that cake you posted on Instagram the other day and captioned ‘#Diabetes’

It had been less than a month after my diagnosis, I had already been hospitalised again after my sister Rachel found me unconscious at home. I lived in fear but there was no doubt about it, all hands were on deck in my family. I had all the support possible.

My dad had retired at age 49 and we became a team, I was now his full time job. He would spend hours in supermarkets reading food labels and trying to calculate how much insulin I would have to inject for each meal. He organised my prescriptions, hospital appointments and took me to the diabetic clinic every month. He monitored my levels and made sure we always had extra snacks in the house in case my sugar levels dropped. My life was in his hands and he did everything he could to keep me healthy. 

As if I wasn’t enough pressure on my dad, he also had his own mum to help look after. She was well into the late stages of Alzheimers and was a lot for my Grandad to cope with on his own. After being rushed to the hospital one night, the family gathered round her bed side, fully aware that things were not good. It was getting late, she was stable and I had school the next day, so we headed home. The thought of losing my gran destroyed every part of me. I lay in bed drowned in my own thoughts, my dad came and lay with me, he asked me how I think he must feel, losing a parent. He told me “everything happens for a reason, but life just keeps going.” I was prepared for the morning phone call, my dad answered and he smiled..? She pulled through, she’s as bright as a button and will get home later on today. 

So life continued back to “normal” Calculating my insulin doses, appointment after appointment for both myself and my gran. One week i would be in hospital, the next it would be her, the cycle continued until i began to stabilise. Things were picking up, we would book a few weekends away every now and again to escape. My gran was settled in a care home, my sugar levels were steady and I was beginning to focus on my GCSE’s. Life was looking good.


It’s winter now. My mum is a day patient at the hospital for a planned hernia removal and the same day, my dad finally goes to see about this ‘common cold’ he’s been having which is now accompanied by spots of blood when he coughs. Both parents come home safely, my mum bed bound for a few weeks and my dad with a pneumonia diagnosis and a course of antibiotics. With a quick recovery, all is well again in the Meikle house.

Weeks go by, it’s coming up for Christmas and my dads symptoms come back. He spends a few nights in hospital to undergo some tests. After multiple blood tests and X-Rays he is sent home to wait for answers. Strange things begin to happen. My dad isn’t himself. He claims to be fine and most of the time, he was. But a few scary nights happen, he says things he would never say and lashes out in ways he never would, but he was adamant there was nothing wrong and he did not have to go back to the hospital.

Over the course of a few days he became a man i didn’t recognise. I was scared. He lost the ability to communicate through words, he couldn’t talk and could not function one side of his body. Within 3 days of his initial change, lifting a cup to his own face became impossible. Facial expressions and slurred sentences were his only way of communicating. Although he made it clear that under no circumstances do we phone a doctor, we were left with no choice. The doctor arrived within 4 hours and my dad became agitated and aggressive. Whilst my dad lay on his bed the doctor spoke to us on our own. He asked if we’ve been in contact with any charities like Macmillan or Marie Curie. This confused us, but there was so much going on that it was brushed off and forgotten about. He was readmitted to the hospital and more tests started going down. 

Christmas Eve – It’s the morning and myself, my mum and Rachel are patiently waiting for visiting hours to come around. My mums phone rings and an instruction is given for us to get to the hospital as soon as possible. Off we go. 

Remember that silence i spoke about in the car earlier? It’s back.

We enter the hospital. My mum goes to the ward first, Rachel and I wait patiently outside. Minutes feel like hours, eventually we are called in. We walk into this tiny waiting room. My dad isn’t there. My mum is sitting hand in hand with the nurse. Both  are holding tissues and blotting the tears from their eyes. We sit down, each in a world of our own and prepare ourselves for what this nurse is about to say.


Terminal cancer.

There is not a single word i could possibly use to explain how that word hit me. It had started in his lungs and was now taking over his brain.

The nurse continued on to say how shocked every doctor is at how rapidly he is deteriorating. To cut a long story short, we were wasting the valuable time we had left with him. 

Christmas day – He was sitting up on his bed, unable to talk, but smiling uncontrollably whilst opening his presents. The next day, sitting up was impossible. He was admitted to St Andrews Hospice where he would spend his final days. He was completely bed ridden but the care and attention not only he received, but also my mum, Rachel and I received was outstanding. I could not be more thankful. We stayed in the hospice with my dad to spend every minute we had next to him. 

After we all dozed off one night, we were awoken by a nurse and advised to say our goodbyes. Suddenly everything felt real. We gathered round his bed, held onto his hands and spoke softly as his breathing slowed down immensely. It was time. It felt like there was 10 minutes between every inhale, and then finally, he just stopped. The room was silent, the nurse checked his pulse, glanced at her watch, then nodded to us and held our hands. The silence filled with tears and his presence just vanished. 

Within 11 days of my dads diagnosis, he was gone.

The family made their way to the hospice as we waited to hear what happens next. I was in a room full of people but could not of felt more alone, a massive part of my life was missing. He had been there since day one and now he’s just… Gone. 

Less than 3 months later, my gran decided it was time to join him. I woke up to that dreaded phone call i had prepared myself for the last time. But this time it had really happened. She slipped away peacefully during the night. 

I had lost two people who meant the world to me.

I had many sleepless nights, I suffered from sleep paralysis almost every time I started to drift off. I would see my dad and my gran walk into my room hand in hand. They would sit on my bed and tell me everything is going to be ok. This terrified me. I would see my dad in front of me, I could feel him hold my hand and I could hear him say my name, but he wasn’t really there. I stopped going to school almost every day and failed every exam I took except one, graphic design. Over the years I later discovered a few food intolerances which caused problems with my sugar levels. I was in hospital again with liver and pancreas problems and once again my full diet had to change. 

As my dad told me that night, life continued on. I left school early and picked up my first part time job at a gym. I had found a new passion for fitness! I attended different training weekends and within a few months I became a group fitness instructor. As my love for fitness grew, I went on my personal training course and am now a fully qualified personal trainer and nutritionist. 

Now i’m taking the next step, which is why I have made this blog. I want to inspire. This post was hard to write, there isn’t enough words to convey the rollercoaster of emotions I have experienced through the years. The lesson to be learned is, for as long as you’re healthy, you must live life to the fullest. It’s too short to take for granted.

I want everyone to know that not being where you want to be in life is ok. Everything happens for a reason, you will get there one day.

Life has it’s way of surprising us. You just have to carry on.


Fiona x

July Fave’s!

Here are a few of my favourite products from July!

As you can see already, i went on a bit of a Soap and Glory rampage!!!! 

I love these products.


The Drama Clean Make-up Remover

This is one of my personal favourites, i love using a micellar water to remove my makeup, it’s quick and easy to use when you’re in a rush (or just lazy like me)  I usually use the Garnier Micellar water but find it can be quite dry on my skin. This one is moisturising and also smells like cucumbers which is a huge bonus! 


Glow Better Instant Bronzing Spray

My fellow Brits, we all know of the classic problem of looking like a ghost when the sun finally comes out for that one day. I only discovered this temporary tan last week and I LOVE it. The application is so easy and mess free (you literally just spray and go) It says on the bottle that it washes off but it actually leaves you with a slight glow for a few days 🙂


Sugar Crush Scrub and ButterCream 

I received these as a gift during the month and OH. MY. GOODNESS. The scent!! I use the scrub in the shower and the cream as an all over moisturiser when i come out. They both just compliment each other so well and smell so summery and fresh.


MakeUp Eraser

So i have no idea what brand made this product… I know it’s not Soap and Glory but it doesn’t seem to say anywhere..? However, i really like this. It is ideal for removing makeup in the shower without using abrasive cloths or stepping out with massive panda eyes! 


So these are just a few of my favourite products from July. They are majority Soap and Glory but i do love their range! Make sure to follow me on all my social medias and share this post with your friends if you want to see more! 


Fiona x

Summer HIIT Workout

To see the video for the following workout head over to my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FionaMeiklePersonalTraining/videos/1905966516294861

The weather has been amazing this week, which gave me the perfect opportunity to film my summer HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout.

Here’s what went down!


Main Component:

Pause Burpee Squats

This is one of my favourite compound movements for working the full body. Starting in a squat position, bring your hands down to the floor, jump into a plank position then jump back to a squat. Don’t stand up fully. Repeat as many reps as you can for 30 seconds, rest for 20 seconds then move straight on to move 2!


High Knee Sprints

This one is pretty self explanatory. High knee sprints, 30 seconds work, 20 seconds rest then move on to move 3!


Push-Up Frog Jumps

Just as shown above, start this one off with one push up, at the top of your push up jump the feet in twice then return to the push up position. Repeat as many times as you can in 30 seconds, rest for 20 seconds then go back to move 1!

Repeat the above circuit 6 times then move on to core exercises!



Bicycle Crunches

Lying flat on your back lift your legs to roughly 45 degrees, bend one knee towards your chest as you lift the opposite elbow towards it. Switch and repeat for 40 seconds!!



I definitely don’t recommend a concrete floor for these ones! Normal crunches 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest.


Side Crunches

Changing the focus over to the obliques, lift the shoulders off the ground, extend the arms and move side to side touching one heel at a time. 40 seconds work then repeat the circuit!

Repeat the core circuit 3 times, stretch off your muscles then grab some food and recover!

June Favourites!

Here are a few of my favourite gym related finds from June 2017!


Phil Smith Coco-Licious Shampoo/Conditioner Combo

This shampoo and conditioner combo is definitely one of my favourite finds of last month. It’s fresh coconut smell holds for ages and is perfect for the summer weather we’ve been having! I love the copper and white design on the bottle and their compact size is perfect for carrying in your gym bag.


HydrateM8 Water Bottle

This water bottle is so good for helping me keep track of my water intake throughout the day. One side counts down from 6am until 12pm then from 2pm until 6pm, each line represents your recommended water intake per hour, so once you’ve filled and drank the bottle twice, you’ve reached your daily goal! I ordered mine online from the official HydrateM8 website for ÂŁ14.99!


Reebok Cardio 2 Trainers

I would highly recommend these to all my cardio lovers out there! I teach so many cardio classes each week as well as train myself. Theres nothing worse than having sore feet during training, these are so padded and provide the best comfort for high impact movements. They come in a variety of colours but the green and pink are super cute.


MyProtein Cacao Powder

Food favourite of the month! Organic Cocao Powder from MyProtein. This is great for baking with, adding to natural yogurt, protein, ice cream etc, to add a bit of chocolatey flavour. It is full of antioxidants, and has the added health benefits of protein and calcium! A must have for chocolate lovers!



Last but not least, what’s summer without Love Island? I love being able to sit down every night to some easy watching TV. Definitely my favourite of the month 🙂


Let me know your opinion if you try any of these, or if you know of things i would love but haven’t mentioned. Comment below 🙂


Fiona x

Hello world!


As I’m sure you are aware, I’m pretty new to the world of blogging. Writing this post is proving very difficult and if I have to start again one more time, I think I might go crazy! But this is something I have wanted to do for a long time now and if I keep putting it off, I’ll never do it. Which I know I would regret one day.


This is me

I like to think of myself as a positive person, and my reason for starting this blog is to help spread positivity and bring people to the realisation that no matter what type of person you are or whatever lifestyle you live, it is never too late to make the changes you want in your life.

I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, Lifeguard and Type 1 Diabetic. (No, not the kind that you get from “eating too much sugar”) Unfortunately, it is an auto immune disease which my lifestyle had no control over, I was just unlucky to develop it as a teen.

Anyway, for someone as young as myself, it definitely didn’t take me long to realise that life is too short. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again (especially on here as I live by this quote) I’ve been through some extremely tough times. There has been some huge bumps in the road. But long story short… There isn’t a pause button on life.

Before I go off on one of my famous rambles I’ll put a full stop here. I intend to fill this blog with positivity, workout plans and fun ideas, gym fashion/product favourites, my fav healthy snacks and meals and my daily adventures.

My intention here is simply to inspire.

I hope you follow along.

Fiona x